Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest is a 2006 pirate adventure film that follows the 2003 summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The sequel is directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, both of whom were involved in the making of the first film. Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, and Keira Knightley reprise their roles as Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, and Elizabeth Swann, respectively. Bill Nighy portrays the villainous Davy Jones and Stellan Skarsgård plays the role of Will Turner's father, "Bootstrap Bill" Turner. The film was released in Australia and the United Kingdom on July 6, 2006, and in the USA and Canada on July 7, 2006. The movie set several records in its first three days in theatres over its opening weekend.

The film begins in Port Royal, Jamaica on what is meant to be the wedding day of Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) and Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). However, their misadventures at the end of the previous film, rescuing Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) from the hangman's noose, come back to haunt them with the arrival of Lord Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander) of the East India Trading Company. He has arrest warrants for the couple and James Norrington (Jack Davenport), who had resigned from his position as Commodore some months earlier (and thus is not present). Because they allowed Jack Sparrow to escape, Beckett calls for the execution of all three involved. Beckett then offers Will a reprieve if he can retrieve Jack's "broken" compass (which, in reality, points towards one's true desire) for the Company. Beckett also threatens to hang Elizabeth (who is currently being held in prison), should Will fail to retrieve the compass. It is later revealed that Beckett wants the compass to locate the Dead Man's Chest (which holds Davy Jones' heart) to have power over the sea and its pirates.

Meanwhile, Will's father "Bootstrap Bill" Turner (Stellan Skarsgård), appears to Captain Jack to give him the Black Spot and warn him that it is time to repay an old debt to the legendary Davy Jones (Bill Nighy) — ruler of the ocean depths and captain of the Flying Dutchman, a ghostly ship crewed by all manner of lost sailors whose bodies gradually mix with various aquatic fauna and eventually assimilate into the ship itself. Jack's debt was for Davy Jones reviving the Black Pearl and making Sparrow captain of the Pearl for thirteen years. To chase up the debt, Davy Jones has released the Kraken -- a gigantic, monstrous creature, thus forcing Jack to flee the seas while being pursued by the unimaginable terror. Jack decides to head for land. Any land.

With time running out, Jack must find a way out of his debt or is doomed to serve as part of Davy Jones' crew for a century. Meanwhile, Will is seeking Jack's compass, Davy Jones is trying to protect his heart (which has been removed and buried on a secret island), Elizabeth is looking to rescue the man she loves, Bootstrap wants to save his son from the fate he suffered, ex-Commodore Norrington (Jack Davenport) wants to regain his honor, Governor Weatherby Swann (Jonathan Pryce) will do anything to protect his daughter, and the crew of the Black Pearl are mutinous about the lack of gold.

After a fruitless search for Jack, Will finally gets word that the Black Pearl is abandoned on a remote island. Travelling there, he is captured by a tribe of cannibals who have also crowned Jack as their king. Jack orders Will to be taken away — but not before whispering "Save me" to him. Jack's predicament is explained by the crew of the Black Pearl (whom Will ends up trapped with): the local cannibals believe Jack is a god and must be killed and eaten in order to be freed from his "fleshy prison" (his mortal vessel).

As the crew tries to escape, Jack gets a temporary reprieve and manages to escape as well. Will, Jack and the crew meet back at the Pearl and catch Ragetti (Mackenzie Crook) and Pintel (Lee Arenberg) trying to steal the Pearl on their own. As they are on the run from the cannibals, Ragetti and Pintel are immediately accepted into the crew.

Aboard the Pearl, Jack and Will begin negotiating: Jack tells Will he will give him the compass as long as Will gets him the key to a chest where Davy Jones keeps his heart. In a visit "up river" to Tia Dalma (Naomie Harris), they swap Barbossa's undead monkey (also named Jack) for information on Davy Jones and the location of the Flying Dutchman. Tia also gives Jack a jar of dirt. She tells Will the legend of Davy Jones, that he had cut out his own heart because of love. She also explains that Davy Jones cannot set foot on land for another decade, so the dirt in the jar is the land that will protect Jack. Armed with this knowledge, Jack, Will and the crew set sail for the Flying Dutchman.

The Pearl comes upon a wrecked ship and Will volunteers to go across and find the key. The wrecked ship is actually a trap orchestrated by Jack himself — it is not the Dutchman but one destroyed by the Kraken for Davy Jones to harvest his crew. Will is caught by Davy Jones' crew while looking for the key on the wreck. Davy Jones himself comes on board of the half broken ship to find more crew for the Dutchman. While he examines Will, Will conveys Jack's message that he came to repay his debt. Jones is surprised and looks around. Jack Sparrow sees the face of Davy Jones through his spy glass. He then realises Jones is standing right in front of him. Davy Jones and Jack Sparrow begin to haggle over how much Jack's soul is worth (100 souls, according to Jones). Apparently inspired by Tia's story of why Davy Jones had removed his heart, Jack tells him that Will is a man in love and was to be married. This seems to strike a chord with the merciless captain of the Dutchman, and Jack manages to talk him into taking Will aboard as a temporary part of his monstrous crew in exchange for three days. During those three days, Jack will attempt to find one hundred souls in exchange for his own (Will's being the first of the hundred). Davy Jones agrees and brings Will into his crew without telling him of the deal that was just made. Winning a temporary reprieve in buying more time, Jack sets sail for Tortuga to find some souls to recruit.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Swann is rescued by her father, who intends to send her off to safety in England. However, the attempt is foiled by Beckett's henchman, Mercer. Nevertheless, Elizabeth, who had not been keen on England anyway, manages to escape while her father is captured. She heads to Beckett's office where she finds Beckett alone and confronts him with a pistol, demanding a letter of marque — a letter that designates the holder as an official privateer in service to the Crown — with which Lord Beckett had intended to entice Jack Sparrow. Elizabeth then escapes to sea. After sneaking on board a merchant vessel, she tricks the captain into taking port in Tortuga so as to find Will or Jack. Jack and Mr. Gibbs are there in a pub, recruiting souls with little success aside from a few incompetents. Ex-Commodore Norrington attempts to sign aboard, starts a brawl while trying to kill Jack, and is stunned by Elizabeth who gathers him up and leads him to the Pearl. Once all are aboard the Pearl, Jack convinces Elizabeth that the only way she can find Will is by finding Davy Jones' heart, and that finding the heart is therefore the thing she wants most in the entire world. With this conviction, she is able to use Jack's compass (where its full powers are now revealed) to navigate the Pearl to the location of the chest. Jack needs Elizabeth's help in this way because, ever since the start of the movie, the compass has not been "working" for him (in the sense that it no longer points to the thing he thinks he wants most). Of course, as Tia notes earlier, the problem lies not with the compass but with Jack himself, who apparently does not know what he truly wants.

Meanwhile, on the Flying Dutchman, Will meets his father. After having the nature of the Flying Dutchman explained to him, Will challenges Davy Jones to a game of Liar's dice in an attempt to win the key, with Will offering up his own soul for an eternity of service on the Dutchman if he loses. As they sit down to play, Davy Jones reveals where the key is hidden, which (we later learn) was Will's real motive for making the challenge. But Bootstrap, unaware of his son's true motive, joins the game and matches Will's wager in order to save his son from losing the bet. After a few rounds, Bootstrap realizes his son is going to lose, and throws the game by placing a bet that is obviously too high. Soon after, Will uses his newfound knowledge of the key's whereabouts to steal it from Davy Jones's person while he sleeps. With the key in his possession, Will promises his father he will one day free him from his servitude, and he then rows to a ship, which happens to be the very same one Elizabeth took to Tortuga. Davy Jones soon catches the ship Will is on and summons the Kraken, who promptly destroys the ship and kills all aboard. Will barely escapes the monster's wrath, and stows away on the Flying Dutchman. Davy Jones, aware of the threat to his heart, sets sail for the island where it is buried. The island's name is Isla Cruces.

Both crews arrive at the island much at the same time, even though Davy Jones must send his crew to retrieve the chest as he himself cannot set foot on land for another decade. Jack, Norrington and Elizabeth are the first to reach the spot where the chest is buried, which they attempt to pinpoint using Jack's compass. Their attempt is stymied briefly by the fact that when Elizabeth holds the compass it no longer points reliably to the chest, but instead often points to Jack — a fact that perturbs Elizabeth herself and that appears to confirm Norrington's earlier accusation, aboard the Pearl that Elizabeth's heart has begun to wander away from her "most recent fiancé" and toward the pirate captain. When Jack examines the compass, it points to Elizabeth, and he then deduces that she's sitting right on top of their goal (when the compass pointed back at Jack for Elizabeth, it may have either been pointing to Jack or the spot where the chest was, as they were in the same line with the compass). The trio manage to find a chest buried in the sand, which contains letters (presumably to or from the woman who broke Davy Jones's heart) and also a smaller chest that holds the audibly beating heart itself. Will appears shortly afterwards, having arrived as a stowaway on the Dutchman, and he is reunited briefly with Elizabeth. (During this reunion, Jack and Norrington can be seen, looking particularly vexed.) Jack, Will, and Norrington reveal their separate plans for the heart and engage in a fierce three-way sword battle, while Elizabeth attempts to break up the scuffle. While the four are occupied, Ragetti and Pintel attempt to steal the chest for themselves; Elizabeth notes this, and gives chase. Once she corners them, she discovers that she is unarmed. The timely arrival of Davy Jones' crew forces the three (Jack, Will, and Norrington) to battle the monsters together. They fight them, but after a spectacular fight in and atop a rolling waterwheel Jack manages to get away from Will and Norrington. He opens the dropped chest, taking Davy Jones' heart and closing it again. He puts the heart in his vest and then runs back to the longboat, depositing the heart into his jar of dirt. Eventually, while Jack is distracted, Norrington sees both the chest and the jar of dirt in the longboat. He makes the "brave" gesture of taking the chest and running with it to draw Davy Jones' crew away from the others, allegedly to help them make their escape, not telling them that he has already taken the heart from the jar. Jack, still thinking that he has the heart, agrees and the others flee. Norrington is cornered by Davy Jones' crew, but plays the coward and drops the chest to run away while they laugh in unison.

After Will, Elizabeth, and Jack escape from the island, the crew of the Dutchman brings the chest to Davy Jones, who then gives orders to chase the Pearl. The Pearl, however, outruns the Dutchman (as Jones' ship only excels in moving against the wind. The Pearl, on the other hand, is able to take advantage of the fact that the wind is blowing it away from the Dutchman, and Sparrow's ship outruns Jones'). After Davy Jones fails in catching the Pearl, he summons the Kraken. Will realizes that the Kraken is on its way (as it is his second Kraken-related experience), so he warns the crew about it. The beast arrives, but is driven off when Will orders all the cannons to be simultaneously shot through the Kraken's tentacles. Taking advantage of the momentary peace, the crew begins to pile their stores of gunpowder and rum together, the plan being that a shot could be fired into it. The cache would then explode, further wounding the Kraken. While the crew awaits the oncoming monster, the jar holding the dirt is broken and emptied, revealing that the heart is no longer in it. Jack desperately searches what is left (frantically exclaiming, "Where's the thump-thump?!") as the crew prepares once more to defend the ship from the Kraken, which returns and immediately destroys all the cannons. During the battle, Elizabeth catches sight of Jack rowing away from the boat, and calls him a coward. Moments later, as Jack is rowing away from the embattled ship, he is shown looking at his compass, and it is implied that it points back to the Pearl and the crew on it (and possibly right to Elizabeth). It is during that final battle against the Kraken that Elizabeth runs into Jack, who has returned to save the day. He fires a shot into the trap of gunpowder, which explodes and blasts the Kraken's tentacles to pieces. It returns to the water, but Jack knows that it will certainly return. He gives the painful order to abandon ship.

Elizabeth realizes the Kraken is specifically after Jack. As the crew is climbing off the Pearl into a rowboat, Elizabeth turns to Jack and kisses him passionately. As she does, Will (who is climbing down the ship to the wooden "lifeboat") witnesses the kiss and is clearly hurt by what he sees. Elizabeth's kiss distracts Jack enough so that she can chain Jack to the mast of the doomed Pearl. She tells Jack at this point that her action is the only way to save the others, and that she is not sorry for it, although later she seems truly saddened by what she has done. (This is an interesting turning point for Jack and Elizabeth: Jack has seemingly decided to show his good side by returning to help at the risk of his own life, while Elizabeth for once throws her own sense of honor and decency to the wind, both by kissing Jack, and by chaining him to the mast to save herself and the crew. There are also two specific scenes in which the voodoo compass wavers towards Jack while under the influence of Elizabeth, insinuating some ulterior feelings on her part.) As she climbs into the lifeboat in which the survivors will escape, Elizabeth answers Will's cold inquiry about Jack that he decided to remain aboard to give them a chance of escape, and they row away. Jack manages to slip out of his shackles just as the Kraken appears on all sides of the ship, trapping him. Jack grabs his sword, and the last we see of him, he is smiling and saying, "Hello, beastie." He charges, sword drawn, into the beast's jaw as the monster drags the Pearl beneath the waves. Davy Jones sees this and proclaims Jack's debt fulfilled. However, he then demands to see the chest. After realizing his heart has been stolen, he looks up into the sky and shouts, "Damn you, Jack Sparrow!"

Norrington then reappears in Port Royal and reports to Beckett, demanding a full pardon. To Beckett's surprise, Norrington does not deliver Sparrow's magical compass. Instead, he drops a sack onto the desk, containing Davy Jones' heart.

The Pearl's survivors revisit Tia Dalma, where the sullen crew drinks a toast to Jack. Tia Dalma then asks if any of them would truly wish to bring Jack and the Black Pearl back, and each of the seven survivors says they would. Tia says if they are to manage this, they will need to go to a place called World's End, and will need a strong captain who knows those waters. At this, Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), who was shot by Jack just before Will drops the coins into the chest, ending the curse in the first film, descends the spiral starcase. To the others' shocked stares, he asks, "So tell me, what's become of my ship?" then bites into a green apple with a smile as his faithful monkey jumps to his shoulder and lets out a scream.

After the credits there is a brief sequence showing the cannibals have now adopted the stowaway key-taunting dog from the first movie as their new chief.

In the United States of America it has been rated PG-13 for "Intense Sequences Of Adventure Violence, Including Frightening Images." In the United Kingdom it is a 12A: "Contains moderate horror and action-adventure violence." In Australia and New Zealand, it earned a rating of M, for "Mild violence and supernatural themes." In Canada it is rated PG for "Violence, Frightening Scenes, and Gory Scenes." In Quebec, however, it was rated G. In Malaysia it is rated U "Means available for all audience".

Information about the two sequels to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl was revealed at a Disney Investor Conference Studio Presentation in 2005. The title for the first sequel was revealed to be Dead Man's Chest, and a second sequel was promised for a May 2007 theatrical release.

Filming began on February 28, 2005, with locations once again in the Costa Alegre, in Jalisco (Mexico) and Barrouallie, St. Vincent. The sequel also includes location shooting in Dominica as well as The Bahamas. The filmmakers are largely shooting the two sequels back-to-back, à la The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King , although throughout 2005 Dead Man's Chest was the main focus of attention, with a collection of scenes for the third movie being shot. Because of the back-to-back setup, filming Dead Man's Chest did not finish until February 7, 2006. Although they were filmed back to back they are being released in the same fashion as The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy, one year apart, and filming for the third movie continues into 2006.

Dead Man's Chest premiered at Disneyland in Anaheim, California on June 24, 2006, two days prior to the reopening day of the refurbished Pirates of the Caribbean attraction on which the movie series is based. The refurbished attraction includes an adjusted storyline and Audio-Animatronics based on the movies and opened June 26, 2006. The same attraction at Walt Disney World in Florida also underwent refurbishment and reopened on July 7, 2006 in conjunction with the film's theatrical release.

Walt Disney Pictures has been questioned by the National Garifuna Council, a representative body of the Garifuna people, for what they feel is a racist portrayal of the Calinago, or Caribs, as cannibals in Dead Man's Chest. The Council called for what they considered to be a fair and accurate representation, and Disney responded that the script could not be altered. No known changes were made to the film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest grossed $55.8 million on its opening day, setting records for the largest opening day, the largest single day gross, and the largest Friday gross of all time. The previous record was held by Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith with $50,013,859.[13]

The Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest opening weekend gross stands at $135,634,554 which beats the previous all time opening weekend set by Spider-Man with $114,844,116. Even taking into account the fact that ticket prices were higher for this movie than they were when Spider-Man debuted, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest still sold about two hundred thousand more tickets than Spider-Man did. The film is also the fastest to gross $100 million, doing so in only two days, as well as the fastest to gross $200 million and $300 million achieving those milestones in eight and sixteen days, respectively. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest has set more than 17 box office records.

As of July 27, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest has grossed over $337 million domestically (surpassing the domestic take of its predecessor) and over $551 million worldwide, making it 2006's highest-grossing movie in North America and the third highest worldwide.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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