Reno 911

Reno 911! is an American comedy television series on Comedy Central. It debuted in 2003.

Reno 911! is in some respects a parody of the long-running television show COPS and to a lesser extent Rescue 911. The show features the fictional members of a Washoe County, Nevada sheriff's department (based in Reno), who are videotaped during the course of their duties, sometimes addressing the camera directly as though being interviewed. The force also has problems with racism, unrequited attractions, promiscuity, passive-aggressive feuds, drug use, and other dysfunctional troubles that supply a lot of the show's humor. It was nominated as Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2004 GLAAD Media Awards.

Only the basic narrative elements of the show are scripted, with the dialogue improvised. This enhances the illusion of reality.

On March 21, 2004, Comedy Central ran a special of the show entitled Reno 911!: Off Duty.

The fourth season started on July 9, 2006.

The show is mostly filmed in Southern California, but does have scenes from Reno.

Reno 911 Season Four has 14 episodes and Comedy Central will run the first seven and then wait to run the second half of the season.


* Robert Ben Garant as Deputy Travis Junior, a trailer trash redneck who likes beer, firearms, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and perhaps most of all, his moustache. He trains police dogs for the department and is almost never seen without his trademark sunglasses and bulletproof vest, which is always outside of his shirt, often seen as a tactical error by real police officers. He also has very bad vision without his sunglasses. Junior often performs the functions the other officers are unwilling to do. He also has a running gag in which he pulls over a driver, and as he approaches the vehicle, he gets knocked out or is otherwise rendered incapacitated by the car door opening or something falling off the car. He has three brothers, Henry Junior Junior from Panama City, Florida, Lance Corporal Junior who serves in the U.S. Marine Corps in Tikrit, Iraq, and Tater Junior from Sparks, Nevada.

* Kerri Kenney-Silver as Deputy Trudy Wiegel, an emotionally unstable, heavily medicated hypochondriac, with multiple psychological disorders. She is a generally odd, slow-witted officer with low self esteem and a special love for cats (she owns over eight; one named "Tigger" is dead and stuffed). She also enjoys crafts, and is infatuated with Lieutenant Jim Dangle. She generally distracts the other officers with her flakiness. She frequently visits her mother's grave to have one-sided conversations with her, even planning picnics in which she brings two lunches. She began dating a man named Craig Pullin, only to discover he was the Truckee River Killer after discovering several severed body parts in his fridge. After turning him in, she continued their relationship even after he was sentenced to death. At one point she tried to help him escape by leaving a hacksaw in the cake she gave him, but he was unable to understand the various verbal clues she was giving him. On the day he was sentenced to die, the two got married. She also seems to have a hatred for Koreans, as hinted during the 2nd season when she took a machine gun and shot at a Korean's house. She has shown other racist tendencies as well, such as when the black cops showed discomfort in using the term "colored person", she asked "What if I said, 'Which nigger took the last donut?'" At the beginning of the 4th season, after six months of personal leave, she returned pregnant. She later explained that her child was not Craig Pullin's baby--she went to a sperm bank and had herself artificially inseminated. At the mention of the sperm bank the camera panned to every guy in the room and each of them gave a little info on the sperm bank, leading the viewer to wonder which, if any, of them is her child's "father".

* Thomas Lennon as Lieutenant Jim Dangle, a deputy who holds the highest rank and is always seen wearing his trademark short shorts. Dangle is also the subject of a running gag in which his police bicycle is stolen or vandalized after walking away from it for only a minute. It is hinted that Travis Junior is responsible for at least some of these bicycle incidents. It has also been heavily implied that Dangle is gay, due to his crush on Jones, the special relationships he makes with male suspects and witnesses, and several nude and cross-dressing incidents in the 1st season. At one point he got married to the heiress of a vacuum cleaner fortune, because she was morbidly obese and he believed she would die soon. She later got gastric-bypass surgery and the two divorced. Dangle displays varying levels of frankness regarding his sexuality: in one episode, he asks Junior whether or not he comes off as gay, but in another episode he admits that he intended to use a contested jet ski to move rapidly from one gay bar to another.

* Wendi McLendon-Covey as Deputy Clementine "Clemmie" Johnson, a promiscuous, blonde female officer. She always wears her uniform partially unbuttoned to expose her cleavage. She is also an ex-magician's assistant, Wiccan, pothead, and Steely Dan groupie.

* Niecy Nash as Deputy Raineesha Williams, a loud and boisterous cop who regularly maces men. She broke up with Jones before the show premiered, but still occasionally answers his booty calls. She once joined the Nation of Islam in order to get the month of Ramadan off. She often yells, "Hahh?" after making a blunt statement for effect. Raineesha is a single mother who may or may not know the parentage of her children.

* Mary Birdsong as new (3rd season) Deputy Cheresa Kimball, an efficient rookie cop that no one seems to know anything about, although they suspect that she is a lesbian. Her profile on the official site states that she joined the force because: "My past is filled with sin and small time crimes and misdemeanors. Enforcing the law is my way of righting all my wrongs, cleaning up my karma. Also, they give good benefits." She is the only member of the force even remotely competent.

* Cedric Yarbrough as Deputy S. "Jonesy" Jones, a black, semi-successful ladies man. He is usually paired with Deputy Garcia. He was raised in Mound, Minnesota, a suburb of the Twin Cities. It is implied that he is Raineesha's ex-boyfriend, and he is in an on-again, off-again relationship with Clementine. He is also a talented singer and dancer, and works part-time as a stripper (in a police uniform). Jones commonly uses the expression, "You're a regular Jay Leno," as a response to a perpetrator making a joke. Other than the initial "S," Jones's first name is never said. During an infomercial for new years blanks, he is called Ron by Kimball. However, during another infomercial, Junior is called Bill, so the informercial does not reflect the character's true names. During the 4th season premiere, it is implied that he is the father of Deputy Williams' children.

* Carlos Alazraqui as Deputy James Oswaldo Garcia, a racist, sexist, miserable second-generation (at least) Mexican-American. The other Deputies often poke fun at his private off-duty life, involving lonely masturbation, no sex life and reruns of Hill Street Blues. He is usually partnered with Deputy Jones, and they have an oddly healthy working relationship, despite Jones being black and Garcia a racist. His healthy working relationship with Jones seems to be crumbling as of late. This is evident whenever Garcia makes a racist remark that causes Jones to assault Garcia because of the remark. From a couple episodes in Season 2, it is possible that he has gay thoughts and feelings for Kenny Rogers.

In addition, the cast members frequently play the roles of criminals with censored faces. Kenney-Silver, Lennon and Garant also write and produce the series.

Producers and creators

* Danny DeVito - Executive Producer
* Michael Shamberg - Executive Producer
* Stacey Sher - Executive Producer
* John Landgraf - Executive Producer
* Peter Principato - Executive Producer
* Paul Young - Executive Producer
* Robert Ben Garant - Creator
* Kerri Kenney-Silver - Creator
* Thomas Lennon - Creator
* Michael Patrick Jann - Director

Other characters:

* Andrew (Played by Jim Rash). A homeowner that the police periodically visit due to complaints from his neighbors.

* Bachelorette Party women. A group of raucous young women who conduct numerous wild bachelorette parties and repeatedly attempt to lure in male cops to strip for them. On one occasion Deputy Garcia responds to a call and berates them, only to discover Junior and Dangle in the room wearing nothing but their underwear, boots and gun holsters. On another occasion, Deputy Williams arrives, much to the party-goers' disappointment, and then traumatizes the bride-to-be by drawing attention to her own ample waist and posterior and promising that such bodily changes await the party's guest of honor once she becomes a wife and mother.

* Citizens Patrolman "Rick", played by Paul Reubens. Shown first in the fourth season, he's always one step ahead of the Reno officers when investigating a series of murders, only to unfold that he himself committed the crimes. He is seen multiple times making a get-away on a city "Metro" bus.

* Craig Pullin a.k.a. "The Truckee River Killer" (played by Kyle Dunnigan). A convicted serial killer on Death Row who is also boyfriend and eventual husband to Dep. Trudy Weigel. While both he and Weigel appear to be shy, conservative people, as a couple, their extremely unsuccessful sex life includes (seemingly almost by necessity) sexual role-playing and sexual fetishism.

* "Delicious Milkshake Man" (played by Nat Faxon). In Season 2, while attempting to evade a severe beating at the hands of Reno Deputies, he accidentally runs into the path of an 18-wheeler. His death leads to the incarceration of all the Reno Sheriff's Department Deputies.

* Fantasy (role-playing) game geek (played by Patton Oswalt). Often badly hurts his opponents while playing fantasy games. Then, when the police respond, he claims that his opponent's real injuries are a result of fantasy attacks during game play with things like "magic missiles" (Dungeons & Dragons) or "Goblin Sappers" (Warcraft) - and not actual physical violence on his part. In a deleted scene from Season 2, he is revealed to be Dangle's cousin.

* "Fast Eddie" McLintock (voiced by Jeff Foxworthy). A (fictional) famed drug runner who has been involved in multiple high-speed car chases with the Reno Sheriff's Department. Famous in the region for always outrunning the law, the Reno Deputies desire to apprehend him seems to be more about having their pictures taken with him than in actually charging him with a crime.

* Firefighters of the Reno Fire Department. Unlike the Reno Sheriff's Department, the members of the Reno Fire Department are competent, popular and well-respected - leading to tremendous feelings of bitterness and inadequacy in the cops (as well as secret admiration). While the cops feel they are feuding with the firefighters, the firefighters (who are confident in their own abilities) seem to have no such feelings in return.

* French mime (played by Robert Ben Garant). Is reported for harassing customers outside a convenience store. To the delight of Deputy Jones, the mime performs a silent parody of Deputy Garcia. He is then assaulted by an enraged Garcia.

* Frisbee (played by Zach Galifianakis). A "white trash" resident of Reno who lives with his family in an abandoned school bus. Owns a .30 cal Browning 1919 machine gun which he uses to shoot at soda cans, oranges, and UFOs. Deputy Garcia once used the gun and accidentially destroyed his squad car. His children are named Chandler, Ross, and Joey after three characters from the popular television sitcom Friends.

* Gigg LeCarp (played by Los Angeles radio DJ Brian Phelps). A petty criminal-turned televangelist who, while hosting a show from the Reno County jail, locks the officers in the same cell where Garcia had previously beaten him with a nightstick.

* Jackie (played by Kerri Kenney-Silver). A drug-addicted prostitute with herpes whose face is always obscured.

* Joe. The never-seen cameraman who documents the Reno Sheriff's Department's activities.

* Kenny Rogers (as himself). A famous American country music singer.

* Maria Storm (played by Lisa Lo Cicero). A local TV reporter who has extensively covered the Reno Sheriff's Department. She is frequently hit upon by her male interviewees.

* Mike Powers (played by Mather Zickel). The former district attorney responsible for putting the entire Reno Sheriff's Department staff behind bars at the end of Season 2. He is later revealed to be a murderer who decapitates prostitutes. In Season 3, Episode 2, Powers tries to kill the then former Reno cops after their release from prison. By the end of the episode, he is arrested but seems to have resolved his issues with the former officers (he even assists Wiegel and Kimball to retrieve some computer files in a subsequent episode).

* Puppeteer at children's events (played by Jack Plotnick). A sexual pervert/exhibitionist who uses a puppeteer's booth with an extra flap which, when down, reveals the fact that his pants are down and his "magical snake" is exposed.

* "Reading Ron" (played by comedian Brian Unger). A children's TV host with a checkered past who attempts to profile the Reno Sheriff's Department on his television show. However, because of the deputies' total incompetence, he relapses into a cocaine habit and his career is destroyed.

* "Spanish" Mike Alvarez a.k.a. Cpt. Duane Hernandez, and Sammy Heung a.k.a. Lt. Suzy Kim (played by Oscar Nunez and Cathy Shim). "Hernandez" and "Kim" are criminals who pose as United States Department of Homeland Security agents in order to get their hands on the Reno Sheriff's Department's money and evidence in the two-part episode "Terrorist Training". Weigel falls for Hernandez in the plot arc.

* Steed. Deputy Johnson's criminal ex-husband.

* Stevie (played by comedian Brian Posehn). The Reno medical examiner. He first determines that Sheriff Chechekevitch dies from a poison delivered orally. He later finds that Chechekevitch dies of a peanut allergy only after Dangle and Junior ask him to find out. A later promo for the next episodes show that he is arrested for being under the influence of medical marijuana.

* TeeTee (played by Niecy Nash). A bra-less, hysterical black woman whose face is always obscured. She constantly screams nonsensically about things that did not happen, such as her winning of the lottery. When Garcia and Jones encounter her, she often steals one of their nightsticks because the stick reminds her of her father - "really thin and really black".

* Terry Bernadino, the gay prostitute (played by comedian Nick Swardson). Often seen around the jail and other local establishments. He consistently denies any illegal activity and often tries to misdirect the officers with outlandish tales of bizarre crimes. His excuses, like his clothes, are always flimsy. He is typically seen wearing roller skates.

* Unnamed Chinese boy (played by Kit DeZolt). A poor Chinese boy who drives a rickshaw.

* Unnamed couple (played by Charlie Day and Mary Elizabeth Ellis) who call police over a domestic dispute where he is threatening to rip the head off her (plastic "squeaky") baby. Their relationship is ambiguous: she at first calls him her husband, and then he says that she is his sister. Taken into custody by Dangle after they French kiss and are further assaulted when she dry-humps her companion.

* Unnamed middle-aged insane woman (played by Wendi McLendon-Covey). Seen dragging a water heater through the streets while not wearing any pants. She refuses to get into a squad car until after the deputies load the water heater in the back seat. When she finally does attempt to enter the car, the officers drive off with the water heater.

* Principal Manderville, school principal at safety assembly (played by Kristina Hayes), who usually makes an announcement to the students before the Reno deputies begin their show.

* Unnamed redneck (played by Robert Ben Garant). Usually seen with his pants down and his penis in an inappropriate object (pumpkin, birdhouse).

* Unnamed sex offender (played by Michael Ian Black). A man who moved just outside Reno and goes from house to house (followed by Deputy Johnson) telling neighbors they have to sign "this thing" saying they're aware he's moving into their neighborhood, "forgetting" to tell them he is a convicted sex offender.

* Sheriff Walter Chechekevitch (played by Tracey Walter). The Deputies' aloof and absentee boss. Dies from peanut allergies.

Cast history:

* Many of the cast members are recognizable from The State, a sketch comedy series which aired on MTV.

* Thomas Lennon and Kerri Kenney-Silver were the stars of a short-lived series on Comedy Central called Viva Variety. Their co-star, Michael Ian Black, has also appeared in several episodes of Reno. Robert Ben Garant was the creator and head writer of this show, which was a spin-off of a sketch on The State.

* Wendi McLendon-Covey is a current member of The Groundlings theatre company, located in Los Angeles.

* Carlos Alazraqui is the voice of many cartoon characters, such as Mr. Weed from Family Guy (from 1999 to 2001), Lazlo and Clam from Camp Lazlo, Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life, Winslow and Lube from Catdog, Monroe the enchanted dog from The Life and Times of Juniper Lee, and Denzel Crocker from The Fairly OddParents. He also voiced the Taco Bell chihuahua.

* Niecy Nash is the host of Clean House on the Style Network.

* Cedric Yarbrough is the voice of Assistant District Attorney Tom DuBois and Col. Stinkmeaner in the cartoon version of The Boondocks (TV Series).

Principal photography for the film Reno 911!: Miami was completed in March 2006. The movie was shot in Miami (Florida) and Southern California. The plot involves the deputies being called in to save the day after a terrorist attack disrupts a national police convention in Miami Beach during spring break.

A rough edit of the film has been shown to test audiences in Southern California.

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