Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County

Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (often referred to only as "Laguna Beach") is a reality TV show on MTV documenting the lives of several affluent teenagers living in Laguna Beach, California, a wealthy community in Orange County. The show contains similar themes to the FOX hit teen drama The O.C. (hence the title). It differs from most other reality shows in that it is structured as somewhat more of a traditional narrative than a documentary.

The Laguna Beach phenomenenon started in late 2003, when MTV producers started scouting locations to film a reality show about high school kids. The plan was to create a reality show that was shot in the essence of a prime-time drama. Originally, producers wanted to film at Beverly Hills High School (in the tradition of Beverly Hills 90210). When turned down, producers then switched their main focus to Laguna Beach, California, a small unique town in Orange County, based on the popularity of the FOX TV show The O.C.

Lauren Conrad or “LC” was an active member of Laguna Beach High School’s student government, and was immediately noticed by MTV producers. Coincidentally, at the time of auditions a real-life love triangle was brewing among Conrad, lifelong friend Stephen Colletti and junior Kristin Cavallari. The show premiered on September 28, 2004 and focused around the lives of the members of the “love-triangle” and their friends: Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, Charles “Trey” Phillips, Talan Torriero, Christina Schuller and Morgan Olsen. The show was a breakout hit and quickly became the second most popular show on MTV to next The Real World.

Laguna Beach was renewed for a second season in 2005 in which it focused on Cavallari and her friends during their senior year. LC, Stephen, Talan and Kristin returned from the previous season as regulars and the new cast included: Jessica Smith, Jason Wahler, Alex Murrel, and Taylor Cole. The second season of the show contained more drama and continued to score high ratings.

By 2006 all the original cast members had graduated and moved on to college or other projects. MTV decided to renew Laguna for a third season thanks to scoring high ratings and began the new season with an entirely new cast entering their junior year.

The show's debut season primarily featured the love triangle between Stephen, Lauren (called "LC"), and Stephen's girlfriend, Kristin. Although LC and Stephen are old friends, they never really ventured past friendship. Now, in LC and Stephen's senior year, LC plans to pursue Stephen, much to Kristin's dismay. The rest of the cast served as supporting characters that helped further the love triangle.

The show also portrayed the daily life of LC along with best friend Lo, described as “Laguna Beach’s very own Paris Hilton.” Morgan and Christina were best friends along with LC and Lo. Christina is the daughter of Dr. Robert A. Schuller, televangelist and pastor of the Crystal Cathedral. Christina also sang and act which was featured on the show. Morgan’s aim was to remain a virgin among all her high school friends who had frequent hookups. Morgan had only applied to Brigham Young University for university, and was dejected after receiving a letter of rejection. Morgan and Christina experienced friendship troubles with LC and Lo due to Christina deciding not to invite LC and Lo to her 18th birthday party, however not much more is said on the matter now. Best friends with Stephen since he was young, Trey is a senior and “the thinking girl’s hunk.” He is passionate about politics and activism. Several episodes showed Trey promoting his non-profit organization, Active Young Americans, and holding fashion shows to raise money for charity causes.

The finale ended with Kristin and Stephen staying together, although Stephen and LC were going off to college together in San Francisco. Stephen went to San Francisco State University, while LC attended the Academy of Art University, also in San Francisco to study fashion design.

Season 1 Cast

* This is a list of the 8 characters on the MTV television show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County season one. (Alphabetical Order)

Lauren "Lo" Bosworth

Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth (born 1 July 1986 in Laguna Beach, California), also known as "Lo", was a cast member of the first season of Laguna Beach. She appeared in episodes in season two but was not an official cast member. Lo's parents were fairly strict, and she was not allowed to join in the trip to Catalina or Cabo San Lucas with the other cast members. During the first season of the show (2004), Lo was a senior and best friends with former cast-mate Lauren Conrad. However, since starting college, the two have grown apart and do not speak. Lo now resides in the Three Arch Bay gated community in southern Laguna Beach. She attends the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB), majoring in Communications, and a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

* Has an older sister named Erin, and a younger brother named Christian.
* She recently transferred to UCLA from UCSB but is still in the same sorority
* Is a fan of the Oakland Raiders

Kristin Elizabeth Cavalleri (born January 14, 1987) was a cast member for both the first and second season. Before moving to California, Kristin lived in Connecticut, Colorado and Barrington, Illinois. Once her parents divorced, her father moved to Laguna with her older brother Michael, while Kristin moved with her mother to Illinois. A step-father and step-brother ensued. Like most children, she rebelled to get attention, and caused enough trouble for her mother to send her to live with her father, Dennis, who worked as an apartment developer. Kristin attended Santa Margarita High School, a private Catholic School, in her freshman year on her parents' wishes (it was the same school that season two cast member Casey Reinhardt attended before transferring to LHBS), but then transferred to Laguna High School in her sophomore year after meeting members of the Laguna Beach cast at a Driver's Education course she took at the school.

Kristin was one of several teenagers who had their lives captured on the MTV reality show Laguna Beach. Interest in her was sparked among viewers as they watched her progress from being a self-doubting High School junior (1st season) to a popular, confident, school-ruling senior (2nd season). Her part grew steadily bigger on the show, and became a fan favorite due to her incessant drama, bitchy attitude, promiscuity, handle on men, and beauty. During the season finale of the second season, Kristin was going to head off to USC and live in Los Angeles with Alex. Aside from her role on Laguna Beach, she has also earned other acting roles, though she has had a tendency to be typecast.

* Veronica Mars (Season 2, Episode: "Versatile Toppins"), where she played a lesbian cheerleader.
* Music Video for guitarist Teddy Geiger's song "For You I Will (Confidence)", where she played a generic rich, popular girl who, despite her jock boyfriend and stereotypical popular friends, falls for Teddy (the uncool musician).
* Currently filming the movie Fingerprints, although the type of part she plays is yet unknown.

She has also gained a steady career in modeling, and has appeared on the front cover of several magazines, including Maxim, which awarded her #23 on its annual Hot 100 list. She is currently working as a model and spokeswoman for the Bongo clothing line.

In September 2005, Cavallari confirmed her relationship with fellow TV reality show star Brody Jenner (son of Olympian Bruce Jenner), although the two mutually parted ways in February 2006. Brody Jenner is now dating Nicole Richie. For a brief time, there were widespread rumours that Cavallari had a romance with singer Nick Lachey, which she confesses to in a teen magazine that let out September of 2006.

* Graduated from High School with a 3.6 GPA.
* She aspires to be either a talk show hostess or a news anchorwoman.
* Ranked #8 on Reality TV Magazine's List of The Greatest Female Reality Stars of 2005.
* Nominated in VH1's "Big in '05 Award" for "It Girl". She eventually lost the award to fellow nominee Lindsay Lohan.
* Is a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals
* Considered for the part of the sex icon Daisy Duke in the prequel for 2005's The Dukes of Hazzard, The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning.

Stephen August Colletti (born 13 February 1986 in Laguna Beach, California) is a main character of the first two seasons, and always finds himself in a love triangle between childhood friend Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari. Stephen had been dating Kristin towards the beginning of season one, and she often visited him at his workplace, Laguna Surf and Sport. On the trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, however, Stephen was enraged with Kristin after she danced provocatively on a table and appeared visibly intoxicated. He then drifted to Lauren, but later surprisingly asked Kristin to his senior prom. At the end of the first season, Stephen attended San Francisco State University to study radio and television, accompanied by "LC", who was studying fashion.

* He used to date high school junior and actress/teen idol Hayden Panettiere.
* Currently he is studying acting and no longer lives in San Francisco.
* One of the VJ's on Total Request Live.
* His height measures 5'10.

Lauren "LC" Conrad

Lauren Katherine Conrad (born February 1, 1986 in Laguna Beach, California), also known as "LC". Lauren Conrad was born in Newport Beach, California to Jim and Katherine Conrad, but was raised in Laguna Beach, California. Her father, who is an architect, built the entire family home where LC, her younger sister and brother were raised. She is a MTV reality star, best known for her role in the series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. On the show, she was the narrator and major character who also nursed a crush for cast mate Stephen Colletti, who was constantly stuck in an ongoing love triangle between LC and Kristin Cavallari. She now stars in her own reality show, The Hills, which is also on the MTV network. The Hills was recently renewed for a second season, which Conrad has been quoted as saying should air in early 2007.

Her interest in fashion design began in the seventh grade, which led her to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco for a semester before transferring to a different school. She has earned an intern position for Teen Vogue Magazine in Los Angeles, and now lives in L.A. to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (where she majors in her dream subject, Fashion Design).

Dieter Schmitz

Dieter Schmitz (born December 21, 1985 in Orange County, California) appears in the first two seasons of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County as being the best friend of Stephen Colletti and Lauren Conrad. He had briefly dated Jessica Smith, some of which was filmed during the first season. Dieter now has a charity called "Running Home 4 Teens". He now attends Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California.

* Currently lives in Los Angeles, California with Stephen Colletti and Jason Wahler
* Information about Dieter's charity can be found at
* Supports the website
* Appeared in the following:

Aces (2006) (post-production) .... Preppy Young Man
The Champagne Gang (2006) (post-production) .... Skater Dude
Cleats of Imminent Doom (2005)(TV) .... Dirk

* Dieter is measured at 6'0"
* Dieter's favorite color is orange
* Dieter's favorite TV show was Scrubs

Morgan Olsen was born in 1986. With her best-friend Christina Schuller, she was a cast member in season one, and appeared in a few episodes in season two. Morgan was imaged as the "good/innocent" girl. She often stood out from the rest of the cast because of her decision to abstain from pre-marital sex. Although she had no plans to audition for the show or had any desire to do Laguna Beach, she was influenced by a friend to try out. Morgan was new to the school senior year and made friends really fast. She and Christina became extremely close during the filming of Laguna Beach. Morgan was rejected from the only school that she applied to, Brigham Young University. Her reaction was shown on camera. Somehow Morgan slipped into BYU and she attended the school starting in Fall of 2004. Morgan appeared in the first episode of season 2 "Since U Been Gone" along fellow season one castmembers Christina, Trey and Lo.

* Attending Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah
* Her height measures 5'3".

Charles Trey Phillips (born 11 March 1986 in Los Angeles, California). On the show, he played an active role in charities and fundraisers. He has been best friends with fellow castmate Stephen Colletti ever since they were toddlers.

* Began a non-profit organization called Active Young Americans.
* Attended Bard College for 2 years.
* Designs trucker hats.
* Currently lives in New York City and is involved in events such as protests. Pictures from these activities can be seen on his personal

Christina Schuller

Christina Michelle Schuller (born September 8, 1986 in Orange County, California) is the daughter of the Crystal Cathedral's Reverend Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller. During her stint in the first season of the show, Christina is usually seen with her friend, Morgan. During one episode, the pair head to New York where Christina aspires to become a Broadway singer. She, unfortunately, does not have a very succesful time there and settles to attending college near her hometown.

* Christina is a trained singer.
* She is currently attending the University of Southern California.
* Aspires to be an actress.

Talan Christopher Torriero (born 2 November 1986 in Orange County, California) was an original cast member in season one while still a high school junior. Although he had professed his love for Taylor at the beginning of season two, he continued to hook-up with Kristin on numerous occasions, including the night he revealed his feelings to Taylor. This made Taylor extremely angry and led to argument while the two were at the beach, though they still ended up as each other's date to the winter formal dance.

* Late in his senior year, Talan dropped out, and earned a GED instead.
* Currently lives in L.A. and is pursuing an acting career as well as working on a music album.
* He was briefly engaged to Rod Stewart's daughter, Kimberly Stewart, in 2005 but the couple has since broken up.
* Lived in Markham, Ontario from (1987-1992)

With the seniors moving on, the second season focuses on Kristin and her “power clique” of friends. This clique includes supporting cast members Alex Hooser (Alex H. for short) and Jessica Smith, both of whom shared the camera last season. (Jessica as Dieter’s girlfriend and Alex as Kristin’s best friend.) Jessica’s new love interest is Jason Wahler, a lean surfer and baseball player who spends most of his time riding the waves. Some of season 2’s drama focused around Jason and Jessica’s relationship including a love triangle between Jessica, Jason and Alex Murrel (Alex. M for short, another new cast member). Season 2 also focused on the feud between Kristin, Alex H. and Jessica, and the other group of girls, Alex M., Taylor and Casey. Kristin dislikes Taylor for no real reason (in her own words, “I don’t dislike her. I’m indifferent to her.”) and frequently makes fun of her, especially because Talan, Kristin’s good friend and frequent hookup, liked Taylor for a few episodes. Talan actually grows to like Kristin as they started hanging out more; however he was jealous of Kristin’s relationship with Stephen (which he thought was ongoing, due to Kristin’s visiting Stephen up in San Francisco). However Alex M. and Alex H., originally good friends, tried to mend friendships and eventually the whole group had a little “peace bonfire” which helped cure a lot of hurt feelings and drama.

LC also makes an appearance in this season. Having left college in Northern California, she is back in Laguna and finds a new love interest towards the end of the season. Jason, playboy extraordinaire, invites her out to dinner driving a vintage car. They begin hanging out much more and eventually hook up. However Jessica hooks up with Jason at a fashion show in a later episode. LC witnesses everything and gives Jason and Jessica a piece of her mind. Stephen makes a few appearances here and there, being extremely upset after Kristin breaks to him news that she has been dating a boy named Matt. However he comes back for Valentine’s day and takes Kristin out to dinner then surprising LC the next morning with chocolate and flowers, failing to mention the fact that he had taken Kristin out the night before. He also invites Kristin up to San Francisco, where she tells him that he has to stop treating her as though she is his girlfriend and move on.

Season 2 Cast

* This is a list of the characters on the MTV television show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County season two. Kristin, Stephen, LC, and Talan returned for a second season along with the following new principal characters. (Alphabetical Order)

Taylor Lauren Cole (born 12 February 1987 in Orange County, California) was featured in Season 2. Her best friend is fellow cast member Alex Murrel aka Alex M.. At times, she and Kristin Cavallari couldn't stand each other, but they both considered each other friends now. Their link to Talan Torriero is said to be the major cause of the trouble in their relationship. This caused a major fight between the two.

* She currently attends the University of Arizona and is an active member of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority.
* Appears in the first episode of Season 3 along with Laguna Beach alumnae Alex. M, Jessica, and Alex H.

Alexandra Leah Murrel (born 27 January 1987 in Orange County, California) was featured on season 2 of Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County. She was best friends with Taylor Cole. Alex was aparts in the season's love triangle, which included Jessica Smith, Jason Wahler, and herself. Jason was going out with Jessica until Alex went to Winter Formal with him. Alex M. shares an apartment in West Hollywood with close friends Alex Hooser and Britany "Britt" Delano. She also modeled for a Bongo campaign with fellow LB stars Kristin Cavallari, Lauren Conrad, Stephen Colletti, Jason, and Talan Torriero. At the same time, Alex recorded a music album, pursuing her life long dream of becoming a singer. The self titled album is set for release on 26 September 2006.

* Rumors have been rising which state that Alex is dating Backstreet Boy member Nick Carter, but the two are described as "mere friends." The two will appear on Nick Carter's reality show set to air on E! later this year.

Jessica Renee Smith (born 15 September 1987 in Phoenix, Arizona). During Season 1, Jessica was a minor character as Kristin Cavalleri's friend and Dieter Schmitz's girlfriend. During season 2, she became a full time cast member. Jessica briefly dated Jason Wahler, but the two broke up after she could no longer handle his wandering eyes.

She has appeared in Season 3 dating junior Cameron, since she has graduated. She reveals that she graduated a year early, so the age gap, is not as big as previously thought.

* Let’s Go Travel Guides hired the Laguna Beach star to be a spokesperson. She traveled to London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Berlin from March 10-20, 2006, and posted daily entries and photos on her blog at
* Jessica is appearing in the show's third season, dating main character Cameron Brinkman.

Jason Daniel Wahler (born 11 January 1987 in Orange County, California) is a bearded surfer who seems to be the cause of many problems and drama on the show. His relationship with Jessica was rocky as he affaired with Alex M., which caused a rift between her and Jessica. He later dated Lauren Conrad/"LC", but was caught kissing Jessica at LC's fashion show and she broke up with him later that night, after witnessing the kiss herself. After the breakup, they were seen together and started dating again. Jason appeared as Lauren's boyfriend on her spinoff show The Hills. Season 1 of the show detailed their renewed relationship. In August 2006, it was confirmed that Lauren and Jason have indeed broken up again and that their break-up was a violent one. Lauren and Heidi (Laurens roommate and best friend) notified the apartment staff they are moving out and that if Jason shows up he is to be removed from the premises. This was not caught on film because filming had not begun for the second season. He has last been spotted on TV in episode 6 of season 3 where it is revealed he is good friends with Kyndra's on and off ex-boyfriend, Tyler.

* Played baseball in high school

* In addition to the principal cast members, there have been equally important secondary characters.

Cedric George Channels (born 26 November 1986 in Orange County, California) was a supporting cast member during Season 2. He was mainly seen as fellow cast member Jason Wahler’s best friend and sidekick.

Lauren Alexandria Hooser (born 14 November 1986 in San Diego County, California) was a supporting cast member on the MTV reality drama series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County during the show's first two seasons as one of cast member Kristin Cavalleri's two best friends. Despite her supposed snub in the show's opening credits, Alex often appeared with the start of almost every episode, especially in the second season, and shared more airtime than the other main cast members such as Talan Torriero, Taylor Cole and Jason Wahler. In one of the show's later episodes from the second season, Alex mentioned of her plans to attend college in Santa Monica, California.

At the end of Season 2 it was mentioned that she was moving into an apartment with Kristin, but she revealed at the beginning of Season 3 that she moved out and is now living with Alex Murrel in L.A.

Alex has appeared in a few episodes of Season 3.

Casey Beau Reinhardt (born 1 July 1986 in Los Angeles County, California) is a model, actress, and charity spokeswoman, but is more popularly known for her role in the second season of the reality series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County.

Casey has appeared in numerous beauty pageants. In 2003, she participated in the Miss California Teen USA (in which she placed first-runner up), the Miss Orange County Teen USA (in which she was named Miss Congeniality), and the Hawaiian Tropic Teen Miss 2003. She is currently studying at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California to be a child-care technician, and is a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority.

Morgan serves as the link between the two cliques; Taylor & Alex M, and Alex H, Kristin and Jessica. In season one her loyalty lied with Kristin and her crew, but in season 2 she shifted to Alex M. and Taylor.

Season 3 (Overview)

Many dubbed season 3 as Laguna Beach: The Next Generation as the cast is formed with all new faces. Season 1 and 2 cast members such and Stephen, LC and Kristin have all moved on and the show now revolves around the new class of kids. Mostly all of cast members were in their junior year when shooting season 3 and were born in the year of 1989.

This year the story revolves around many storylines intertwined with the new cast. The battle of the clique much like season 2 with Kristin and her crew versus Alex M. and Taylor. But this time it Tessa and Raquel/”Rocky” (the dubbed “good girls”) versus Kyndra and the “popular girls”. Another is a love triangle between Kyndra a junior, Cameron another junior and Jessica from season 2. Laguna also features its very own rock band by the name of “Open Air Stereo” with cast members Chase in vocals and Kelan in lead guitar, watching as the band makes it big episode by episode.

There was a lot of controversy with this years new cast with MTV taking a big risk by starting out new with no one from past seasons. There have been some callbacks from season 1 and 2 with Breanna (another new cast member) being sisters with Lauren and Cami as Kyndra’s sidekick was featured occasionally in season 2 as being friends with the cast. It is still yet to be seen if this season will be as successful as seasons past waiting and seeing how it all plays out.

MTV has ordered 15 episodes for this season; it currently airs on Wednesdays.

Cameron Warren Brinkman (born 30 January 1989) For big man on campus Cameron, junior year is all about surfing, partying, faux-hawks. He's an All-American water polo player, but doesn't need to choose sides when it comes to his social life: he's just as at home with Kyndra, Lexie and Cami as he is with Rocky and Tessa.

Breanna Conrad (Born August 23, 1989 in Laguna Beach, California) As LC's younger sister, it should come as no surprise that Breanna attracts her fair share of drama. With her friendship with Rocky on the outs, the year is shaping up to be a tough one. Not to mention the fact that she and Tessa tend to be attracted to the same guys. Breanna's SiteBreanna also models. You can see headshots of her in her official site.

Like her cohorts Cami and Kyndra, Lexie's got what it takes to get the guys' attention. Still, her stunning good looks will only get her so far when it comes to her ultimate goal of becoming a professional dancer. Lexie and Breanna's families go way back to when they were toddlers.

Born July 12, 1989. Although Rocky used to be best friends with Lauren's sister, Breanna, a mysterious rift between the two put an end to that. Now, she's tight with Tessa, who shares her disdain for the rival clique of Lexie, Cami and Kyndra. Anyway, girl drama takes a back seat to Rocky's relationship with Alex, a hot guy from another high school.

Kelan Obrian Hurley (born 28 July 1989 in Orange County, California). Kelan Hurley is a senior and plays guitar in Open Air Stereo. When he and Chase aren't writing songs, rehearsing, performing and planning their band's future, they hang with Cameron and their crew. Open Air Stereo's Myspace Page

Chase is a junior and the lead singer of Open Air Stereo, Laguna's very own rock band. Although Chase and his bandmate Kelan live for their music, he still finds time to give lifelong friend Tessa a shoulder to cry on when she needs it.

Tessa Nicole Keller (born 20 March 1989 in Orange County, California). It might look like Tessa has the perfect life, but high school has been hard for her, and she's only a junior. Tessa had a serious illness that landed her in the hospital. There were only a few people she'd allow to see her. One of them: her friend, Chase. Rumors have arisen on the "serious illness" that Tessa suffered from. In episode 1 of Season 3, at Kyndra's barbeque when Candace and Cami are talking, Candace muffles under her breath, "bulimic bitch," about Tessa. It is speculated that this was her illness, however, more credible sources have confirmed she suffered from Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a possibly life-threatening condition caused by an allergic reaction to medication. Speaking of which, it has also been revealed that Tessa is a model for a clothing company called, "Lucy Love".

Kyndra Alyse Mayo (born 29 June 1989 in Orange County, California). With money and the best party house in Laguna Beach, Kyndra Mayo is the resident Queen Bee of the small town. She is best friends with Cami and Lexie and is probably one of the more popular girls in town. She is also friends with a girl named Candance, who is Alex H's younger sister. Kyndra currently attends LBHS. Kyndra and Tessa are former best friends but now each belong to different cliques. Kyndra claims to "own" her guy friends Cameron, Kelan, and Chase and also has a crush on Cameron.

In the season 3 premiere episode of Laguna Beach, Kyndra throws a barbeque. Kyndra invites her former friend Tessa, much to the dismay of Cami. Tessa decides to bring her new best friend, Raquel, with her so she won't be alone at the party. Kyndra is very angry to see Raquel at her party and she and her clique all gather together and eventually get them to leave. It also revealed that Kyndra's main competition in getting Cameron is season 2 vet Jessica Smith.

There has been a lot of discussion over how real the show is due to the quality and quantity of the camera angles that capture the footage. E!Online investigated this, and discovered that many scenes are manipulated by the producers, such as the 'Peace Bonfire' during season 2. The MTV producers set up the bonfire, before they allowed the cast to interact with each other, also instructing Jason on how to enter, and who to talk to. A similar situation happened in Cabo, before Alex M. confronted Jessica, the producers stopped her so they could set up the cameras to capture the scene. Other things that are not portrayed accurately are that in real life Stephen and Jason are close friends, but the editing of the footage, made specific scenes appear that they didn't really know each other. The show also is misleading with how affluent the cast are; only Lauren 'LC' and Kristin are rich, and the others such as Jessica and Alex H have parents that have a middle income. There is information that suggest that one member lives in a trailer park, yet it has not be disclosed who this is. Occasionally the cast smile a lot when talking about particular topics, this tends to be becuase they have discussed this without the cameras around and are repeating themselves. It has also been suggested that the producers ask this cast to talk about certain subjects, but not exactly what to say. Occasionally there have been scenes where what is being said does not accurately reflect what has actually happened; for example, the real reason Jason and Alex M broke up was because he bashed her head against a locker.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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