The Money Masters

The Money Masters is a documentary on the history of central banking, monetary policy the bond system and fractional-reserve banking. The film was produced by Patrick S. J. Carmack and was directed and narrated by Bill Still. The Money Masters should not be confused with the company Money Masters LLC, which is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm.

The Money Masters the documentary discuss the topics of money (as it relates to central banking and fractional reserve banking), debt, taxes and their development throughout the modern world.

The documentary criticises the control aspects of modern centralized banking systems and regulation. The film uses as evidence the history of money and banking, showing the viewer how central banks came to be what they are today, and how they operate. It supports its assertions by references and quotations from past Presidents and major players in the banking industry.

The film contends that by the end of World War I private central banks owned and controlled much of America's large media, paper and film outlets, and that they achieved this through the large consolidation of wealth generated by Fractional-reserve banking and later a fractional based finance system. The film contends this alleged near-monopoly of the financial system goes largely unnoticed or redacted from the human history because of the control of human information exchange through this mainstream media ownership.

By way of conclusion, the film presents an option for a different kind of monetary policy for the United States of America.


* The Problem
* The Money Changers
* Roman Empire
* The Goldsmiths of Medieval England
* Tally sticks
* The Bank of England

The Export of Private Central Banking to America:

* The Rise of the Rothschilds
* The American Revolution
* The Bank of North America
* The Constitutional Convention
* First Bank of the U.S.
* Napoleon's Rise to Power
* Death of the First Bank of the United States
* War of 1812, Waterloo

Andrew Jackson Kills the Second Bank of the U.S.:

* Second Bank of the U.S.
* Andrew Jackson
* Abe Lincoln and the Civil War
* The Return of the Gold Standard
* Free Silver
* J.P. Morgan / 1907 Crash

The Rise of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913:

* Jekyll Island
* Fed Act of 1913
* J.P. Morgan / WWI
* Roaring 20s / Great Depression
* FDR / WWII / Fort Knox

Conclusion and Monetary Reform Act:

* World Central Bank and Conclusions.

Despite having sold by the year 2001 only 50,000 units since its production in 1995, The Money Masters has, according to the film's promoters, had a substantial impact on the way some people view money. An article containing the basic ideas of this documentary has appeared on the Nexus magazine in various languages.

Quotes by political & social figures:

* "What you have shown in the scenario is what we are constantly doing at the personal level as well as the public level. It is the policy of exploitation that the rich employ against the poor. This is why grandfather (Mahatma Gandhi) said 'Materialism and morality have an inverse relationship - when one increases the other decreases.' If I may, I would like to keep the videos as resource material to teach students about economic violence in the world. With good wishes." - Arun Gandhi, M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence.

* "As you know, I am entirely sympathetic with the objectives of your Monetary Reform Act...You deserve a great deal of credit for carrying through so thoroughly on your own conception…I am impressed by your persistence and attention to detail in your successive revisions... Best wishes". - Milton Friedman, Nobel Laureate in Economics; Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.

* "Compelling! Excellently produced and impressively documented. If you want to learn what our Founding Fathers and Presidents have to say about money and its control, you will want to see [The Money Masters]" - Dr. D. James Kennedy, Coral Ridge Ministries, Florida.

* "I endorse the video because people should know what is happening." - Malachi Martin, late Professor at the Pontifical Biblical Institute and a close associate of Pope John XXIII; and author.

* "I appreciate and applaud your efforts to accomplish something specific in the area of monetary reform... I do not hesitate to recommend that people view The Money Masters for the excellent overview of fraudulent banking which it presents." - G. Edward Griffin, author.

* "This is undoubtedly the most comprehensive presentation of the history of our money system and who is responsible for the disastrous consequences that has left us with an unconstitutional money system and multi-trillion dollar debt." - Dr. W. Cleon Skousen, author.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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