The O.C.

The O.C. is an American television comedy-drama program broadcast on the Fox Network in the US and on various networks around the world. The show details the lives of young adults and their families growing up in the affluent Orange County, California. It was an immediate hit upon its release in 2003 and was the first teen drama to capture critics and audiences alike since Beverly Hills 90210 a decade earlier. The series, created by Josh Schwartz, debuted on August 5, 2003, with the tagline, "It's nothing like where you live, and nothing like you imagine." The series has been noted for its music selections, which have helped some previously little-known bands (such as alternative band Phantom Planet, who performed the theme song to the show, "California") gain exposure, so much that to date, the producers have released five compilation albums featuring highlighted performers.

To date, it has aired in more than 50 countries worldwide. Mixing comedy, drama, melodramatic soap conventions and tongue-in-cheek humor, The O.C. helped bring young viewers back to FOX and has launched its stars onto magazine covers around the globe.


* Peter Gallagher as Sandy Cohen
* Kelly Rowan as Kirsten Cohen
* Ben McKenzie as Ryan Atwood
* Mischa Barton as Marissa Cooper (2003-2006)
* Adam Brody as Seth Cohen
* Chris Carmack as Luke Ward (2003-2004)
* Tate Donovan as Jimmy Cooper (2003-2005)
* Melinda Clarke as Julie Cooper-Nichol
* Rachel Bilson as Summer Roberts
* Alan Dale as Caleb Nichol (2003-2005)
* Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend (2005-present)
* Willa Holland as Kaitlin Cooper (2006-present)

The O.C. Season 1 Cast

* Ashley Hartman played Holly Fischer for six episodes. Holly was best friends with Summer and Marissa until she got caught making out with Marissa's boyfriend Luke.
* Bradley Stryker played Trey Atwood, Ryan's older brother, for two episodes.
* Daphne Ashbrook played Dawn Atwood, appearing in two episodes in Season One, and returning for a few more episodes during Season Three.
* Samaire Armstrong played Anna Stern, A down to earth girl from Pittsburgh who initially appeared for one episode, but was brought back at fan request for several episodes. Had a strong relationship with Seth before heading back to Pittsburgh.
* Bonnie Somerville played Rachel Hoffman, a colleague of Sandy's.
* Paris Hilton appeared in the episode 'The L.A.' playing Kate, who caught Seth's attention momentarily in a L.A. nightclub.
* Rosalind Chao played Dr. Kim, the principal at Harbor High, where Ryan and his new friends attend.
* Navi Rawat played Theresa Diaz, an old girlfriend of Ryan's.
* Taylor Handley played Oliver Trask, a mentally unbalanced teenager who infatuates over Marissa after meeting her in a therapy clinic.
* Amanda Righetti played Hailey Nichol, Kirsten's younger sister and love interest for Jimmy, who eventually left for Japan to pursue a job in the fashion industry.
* Shailene Woodley played Marissa's younger sister, Kaitlin Cooper, for six episodes.
* Eric Balfour played Eddie, Theresa's abusive fiancé.
* Linda Lavin played Sophie Cohen, Sandy's mother, referred to as "The Nana." She returned for another episode in Season Two.
* Michael Nouri played Dr. Neil Roberts, Summer's father. He played a much bigger role in Season Three.
* Colin Hanks played Grady Bridges, star of the fictional show 'The Valley' in the episode 'The L.A.'.
* Jem played herself in the episode 'The Ties That Bind', singing at Caleb Nichol and Julie Cooper's wedding.
* Kim Oja played Taryn Baker, one of the Newport Beach locals. Referred to as a "Newpsie".

The O.C. Season 2 Cast

* Michael Cassidy played Zach Stevens, who had an on-again/off-again relationship with Summer after Seth ran away at the end of Season One. He eventually decided to let the two be together after realizing that they still loved one another. Creator Josh Schwartz said, "He's (Zach) off in Marin County working for Lucasfilm."
* Nicholas Gonzalez played D.J., the Nichol's gardener and one of Marissa's love interests at the beginning of the season.
* Shannon Lucio played Lindsay Gardner, a fellow student, Ryan's love interest, Kirsten's half-sister and Caleb's illegitimate daughter, who now lives with her mother, Renee Wheeler, in Chicago, Illinois.
* Kathleen York played Renee Wheeler, Lindsay's mother, who had an affair with Caleb Nichol.
* Olivia Wilde played Alex Kelly, who worked at the Bait Shop, who was Seth's, and later Marissa's, love interest.
* Kim Delaney played Rebecca Bloom, an old flame of Sandy's who started to come between his marriage with Kirsten.
* Billy Campbell played Carter Buckley, the former editor of Newport Living Magazine. He left Newport Beach after he got a new job, and came close to having a relationship with Kirsten.
* Johnny Messner played Lance Baldwin, an opportunistic man from Julie Cooper's past.
* Logan Marshall-Green played Trey Atwood, Ryan's older brother who was released from jail. At the end of Season Two, Marissa shot Trey after he tried to murder his own brother. He survived the gunshot and eventually left the hospital and headed for Las Vegas.
* Marguerite Moreau played Reed Carlson, the executive of the graphic novel company for which Seth and Zach pitched their graphic novel. ‘‘Note:’’ The character of Tanyon Carlson, the brother of Reed, was credited in but one episode, Season Two's The O.C. Confidential. The character's lone appearance was portrayed by actor Steve Termath.
* Nikki Griffin played Jess Sathers, the troublemaking love interest of Trey Atwood.

The O.C. Season 3 Cast

* Jeri Ryan played Charlotte Morgan, a con artist Kirsten Cohen met in rehab. She seemed to share a lot of the same traits of Kirsten, but used this to try and manipulate the latter. She tried to get Julie to scam people out of their money with a fake charity, but Julie had the cheques made out to a real substance abuse organization instead of the fake one. Charlotte fled.
* Ryan Donowho played Johnny Harper, a 17-year-old student at Newport Union who was into the beach and surfing. Johnny loved Marissa, and Ryan and Marissa had (often unspoken) arguments about whether Marissa returned this love, although Marissa always maintained it was not true. In Episode 65, Johnny died by falling from a cliff while he was intoxicated.
* Kayla Ewell played Casey, Johnny's ex-girlfriend who cheated on him with Kevin Volchok.
* Johnny Lewis played Dennis "Chili" Childress, a surfer, skateboarder and , best friend of Johnny.
* Richard Voll played Glen Morgan, the husband of Charlotte and co-conspirator in her scams.
* Eric Mabius played Jack Hess, the devious new Dean of Discipline at the Harbor High School who was ultimately thrown out of the school by Sandy's bluff (he was caught making out with Taylor Townsend).
* Blake Robbins played Don, a mafia soldier, who badgered Jimmy for money. When he failed to pay back the money, Jimmy was severely beaten and left Newport on a boat to Maui.
* Paula Trickey plays Veronica Townsend, Taylor's mother who continuously hounds her daughter about her appearance and the fact that she doesn't have much of a social life.
* Jeff Hephner played Matt Ramsey, the former Vice-President under Sandy Cohen at the Newport Group. Sandy fired him at the behest of the Henry Griffin, chair of the hospital board, partially because of his past relationship with Griffin's daughter and his wild social life. He left for Chicago to start his own business.
* Lisa Rotondi played Gwen Harper, Johnny's mother.
* Cam Gigandet played Kevin Volchok, a surfer and drug abuser who decided to try and make Ryan's life a living hell after picking on Johnny. He had a relationship with Sadie some years before, but the nature is unclear. Formerly dated Marissa and ultimately caused her death
* Nikki Reed played Sadie Campbell, a cousin of Johnny Harper, whom Ryan became very interested in and developed a relationship with. However, she left Newport Beach to develop her jewelry-making business.
* Nicole Garza played Chloe, a co-worker of Ryan's mom in Albuquerque. She and Ryan had a one-night stand.
* Matt Barr played Wes Seifer, Ryan's college orientation buddy who developed an attraction for Marissa.
* Shaun Duke played Henry Griffin, chair of the hospital board.
* Autumn Reeser plays Taylor Townsend, a student who battled Summer for full control of Harbor High School's social scene. Taylor was extremely lonely, and upon realizing this, Summer and Seth became friends with her. In the season three finale, Seth tells her she has become inner circle material, making her a part of the short-lived “Fab Five.” She is the daughter of Veronica Townsend. She will become a season regular during season four.
* Jackson Rathbone played Justin, Kaitlin's ex-boyfriend from boarding school.
* Lucy Hale played Hadley Hawthorne, a friend of Kaitlin's.
* Willa Holland plays Kaitlin Cooper, Marissa's younger sister who returned from boarding school in the middle of season three. Jimmy Cooper and Julie Cooper are her parents and her personality is more like her mother's than father's. In the Season three finale, she tells her mother that she's moving back to Newport permanently, becoming a regular in season four.
* Lisa Tucker played herself, an American Idol singer who lives in Orange County.
* Erin Foster played Heather, a middle school-enemy of Marissa's who kidnapped Marissa for ransom with Kevin Volchok. Heather attends Volchok's party in The Dawn Patrol and Marissa ultimately saves her from a dangerous rape situation.

The O.C. Season 4 Cast

For this season, the network has initially ordered only 16 episodes, well below the current average of 25 per season. The fourth season premiere has been set for November 2, starting the season after coverage of Major League Baseball's World Series. Depending on ratings performance, additional episodes could potentially be ordered. Entering the new season, The O.C.'s timeslot is also expected to face increased challenges for ratings both from current competitor CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS, and a relocated Grey's Anatomy. But the network states they "have faith in the shows fans to follow the show" even with the increased challenges. Australian TV station Network Ten have annouced they will show brand new episodes as it happens in the United States instead of usually getting the show's new season in the next year.

Within the October 6, 2006 UK newspaper The Daily Mirror there was a small article on the fourth series, showing a picture of Ryan in a cage with blood on his hands and also running from his head, the article said that Ryan "is in a dark place, so he quits college to become a cage-fighter." Josh Schwartz said "This series is all about the Cohens fighting for Ryan's soul."

* Music from the OC:

The Beastie Boys single Ch-Check It Out debuted on the show in the episode The Strip that aired April 28 2004. U2 debuted their song Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own on the show before it was released as a single, as did Coldplay with their song Fix You, Gwen Stefani with her single Cool and former member of Frou Frou, Imogen Heap and her single Hide And Seek. The song was featured twice in the episode The Dearly Beloved.

Many popular indie artists have also guest-starred on the show, the majority playing at the venue, the 'Bait Shop' that was introduced in the first season and started becoming a regular hangout in the second season, purposely to showcase indie rock bands on the show, following the success of Rooney in the first season.

* Rooney (The Third Wheel, 1.15)
* Jem (The Ties That Bind, 1.27)
* The Walkmen (The New Kids on the Block, 2.3)
* The Killers (The New Era, 2.4)
* Modest Mouse (The Family Ties, 2.7)
* The Thrills (The Ex-Factor, 2.9)
* Rachael Yamagata (The Second Chance, 2.11)
* Death Cab for Cutie (The O.C. Confidential, 2.20)
* T.I. (The Return of the Nana, 2.21)
* The Subways (The Anger Management, 3.7)

International distribution:

* Argentina: Warner Channel/Telefe
* Asia: Star World
* Austria: ORF1 (Weekdays) and (Saturdays: Season 3)
* Australia: Network 10 (Tuesdays) and Arena (Wednesday) Note: It Was Previously Aired in Network 9 for a couple of weeks several months before Network 10 re-aired it
* Chile : Warner Channel
* Belgium: Kanaal 2
* Brazil: Warner Channel and SBT
* Canada: CTV/Séries+/FOX
* Colombia: Warner Channel
* Costa Rica: WB TV(Warner Channel), and Teletica (dubbed)
* Croatia: HRT (Sundays)
* Denmark: Kanal 4
* Finland: MTV3 (Tuesdays)
* France: France 2 and TF6
* Germany: Pro 7 (Saturdays)
* Greece: Star Channel (Weekends)
* Hong Kong: TVB Pearl (Wednesdays)
* Hungary: Viasat3 (Sundays)
* Iceland: Skjár Einn
* India: Zee Cafe (Fridays)
* Israel: YES
* Ireland: TG4
* Italy: Italia 1 and Mediaset Premium
* Japan: Super!drama TV
* Lithuania: LNK (TBA)
* Malaysia : 8TV
* Mexico: Warner Channel (Wednesdays)
* MIddle East: America Plus on Orbit (Thursdays)
* New Zealand: TV 2 (Saturdays)
* Norway: TV 3 (Norway) (Sundays)
* Panama: TVMax (Weekdays) (Spanish) and Warner Channel (Cable)
* Peru: Warner Channel
* Philippines: ETC
* Poland: TVN (Monday–Friday)
* Portugal: RTP 1 and FOX
* Slovakia: TV Markiza (Sundays)
* South Africa: Go (Thursdays)
* Spain: TVE 2
* Sweden: Kanal 5 (Wednesdays)
* Switzerland: SF zwei
* Singapore: Mediacorp TV Channel 5
* Thailand: UBC Series (Fridays)
* Turkey: CNBC-e (Fridays)
* United Kingdom: Channel 4 (Weekdays) and E4 (Weekdays at 2pm)

Adam Brody originally wanted the part of Ryan Atwood. Chad Michael Murray was originally offered a role on the series as Luke Ward's good friend, but declined so he could be on One Tree Hill instead. The role of Luke Ward's friend was dropped.

Due to labor union salary rules about filming outside of Los Angeles County, The O.C. is actually filmed in several southern California Beach Cities (40 miles away from the actual Newport Beach) to reduce costs. Most interior shots of homes and offices are shot at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, while most exterior shots (e.g. the pier, diner, and "the Bait Shop") are filmed in neighboring Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach.

Another important place, The Newport Group HQ is also the same building used for the Miami-Dade Police HQ in CSI: Miami.

A recent episode brought O.C. characters Ryan, Marissa, Seth, and Summer to Cal and Brown respectively on college tours. These scenes were really shot on two Los Angeles universities: USC was used for Brown and UCLA for Cal.

According to The Futon Critic, "for its seven-week summer of 2003 run, The O.C. averaged 8.43 million viewers and increased its viewership by more than 17% from its premiere by the end of the summer." However, its viewership numbers from the summer were not factored into their 2003-2004 season average because it aired before the start of the 2003-2004 U.S. television season.

The FOX soap's audience perked up, starting from February 2004, when it started airing directly after episodes of the third season of the mega-hit American Idol.

The FOX network gave the show a vote of confidence when it moved The O.C. to Thursdays 8:00pm for the fall of 2004 to boost their dismal Thursday nights. The move resulted in some moderate success by improving the 8:00-9:00 (Eastern & Pacific time) timeslot yet the network was unable to find a program in the 9:00-10:00 (Eastern & Pacific time) timeslot to hold on to the O.C.'s audience numbers.

Although the show's targeted audience of female teens remain somewhat large, its overall audience declined sharply in its third season. An example of this decline was shown when it attracted 7.36 million viewers for the March 9, 2006 episode, which aired after a special Thursday night results show during the fifth season of American Idol. Although these numbers were a small improvement of its third season average, it retained just 28% of Idol's audience, which is well below the rate earned by most programs that air following hit shows and especially well below its post-Idol retention rate in the spring of 2004.

Before the show aired, Orange County residents referred to their county by its full name, or just 'O.C.'. The abbreviation 'O.C.' was also used by local radio and television stations, but without 'The.' At first, the name of the show was met with scorn, but since then, some people call it 'The O.C.' as a joke, and Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby went as far as to propose changing the name of Orange County's John Wayne Airport to The O.C. Airport, John Wayne Field but backed down the next day after his office received negative phone calls and emails from angry county residents. This somewhat negative sentiment toward the moniker is reflected in the running gag featured in the former Fox television show Arrested Development, which also takes place in Orange County: a number of the characters use the name "The O.C." (in various settings), to which Michael consistently responds, "Don't call it that."

The O.C. has been mentioned on other T.V shows; In House, Hugh Laurie's character, Gregory House shows a keen interest in the show, Lisa Simpson from The Simpsons , Larry Gold from The War at Home and Stewie from Family Guy are all fans of the show. Mikey on the British sitcom My Family is also asked by his mother if he wants the show recording while he is on an army training course. In the Australian soap opera Neighbours, some of the characters (particularly the Timmins family, and Summer Hoyland) are avid fans of the O.C. Jack McFarland on Will & Grace made a remark about "25 year old children and 35 year old parents" in the episode Christmas Break written by Bill Wrubel. In The Blaze Of Glory, Carter Buckley criticises Julie Cooper as being amongst Newport's "fifty five year old women with twenty five years old breasts". In the third season of the Fox show Arrested Development, several characters refer to their home county as 'The O.C.', only to have one of the leading characters, Michael Bluth tell them to stop calling it that.

The O.C. has had two television specials, detailing behind-the-scenes information, interviews, and bloopers.

* The O.C. - Obsessed Completely (First Aired 9-16-04)
* Welcome to The O.C. - A Day In The Life (First Aired 9-23-04)

* The show is called The O.C., and not Orange County as originally planned, because a movie of that name was released a year before the show premiered. The movie starred eventual O.C. guest star Colin Hanks.

* Though the show isn't shot on location, characters frequently mention popular Orange County hangouts like South Coast Plaza and Fashion Island. The Harbor School is a fictional private school which may have been inspired by the Sage Hill School, an elite private school in the hills of Newport Coast. There exists a Newport Harbor High School, but it is a public school. Furthermore, many of the other schools mentioned on the show, such as Mater Dei High School and UCI, are all actually there. Newport Union High School, however, does not exist. Additionally, the TV show's Balboa Wetlands appear to be based upon real-life Orange County's Bolsa Chica Wetlands.

* Like their characters Summer and Seth, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody are dating in real life.

* According to commentary, the writers originally were going to make Seth a part of the popular clique before they decided to make him an outcast, and the idea that Ryan was an illegitimate child of Sandy Cohen was also considered.

* Jokingly named Only Caucasian for lack of minorities on the show

* Chris Carmack who played Luke Ward in seasons 1 & 2 is often referred to as 'Abercrombie & Fitch' in a derogatory manner. Carmack was a model for the clothing company.

* Chris Carmack and Tate Donovan both were regular cast members during the first season while Rachel Bilson started as a guest star, even though Carmack and Donovan were not in every single episode during the season and Bilson was. Bilson was later added as a regular cast member, as was Melinda Clarke, while Carmack and Donovan were eventually dropped from the regular cast.

* Before the start of the third season, Adam Brody, Rachel Bilson, and Ben McKenzie were Punk'd by Ashton Kutcher and his crew members.

* Julie and Kirsten's company New Match actually has a web site (, which is also mentioned in the third season episode 'The Road Warrior'.

* Fans of The O.C. will recall that Season 2 of Fox's teen soap opera Seth Cohen (Adam Brody) creating his own comic book. Now life is imitating art as Brody teams up with Danny Bilson (his girlfriend's father) to make his own comic book called Red Menace. Red Menace is supposedly coming out in November starting with only six issues; depending on its popularity, the number of issues could increase.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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