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We Will Rock You is a song written by Brian May, and recorded and performed by Queen. One version was used as the opening track on their 1977 album News Of The World. This version consists of a stamping-clapping beat, and a power chorus, being somewhat of an anthem. When performed live, this version is usually followed by "We Are the Champions", another of the album's hits, as they were both made to lead into each other. It has since been used extensively at sporting events. The band also performed the song in another arrangement (known as the "fast version"), which featured a faster tempo and a full guitar, bass and drums backing track throughout. The band would often open their live sets in the late 1970s with this version, as captured on their Live Killers double album.

The stamping effects in the recording were created by the band in an old church, using the wooden floorboards to produce the sound. The song is often associated with and played at sporting events.

The "fast version" is available in a studio performance. In 1977, it was recorded for John Peel's show on BBC Radio 1. This version is on the 1992 Italian bootleg CD "Queen - We Will Rock You" (On Stage CD 12018). It is part of a longer cut that starts out with the slow version. In 2002, the fast version was officially released on a promo single distributed by the tabloid The Sun.

The song was performed by Queen with guest singer Axl Rose at the 1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert.

In 2000, the surviving members of Queen (without John Deacon) recorded a rap-style version of the song with boy band 5ive. It went to #1 in the UK.

A version of the song was performed by Beyoncé, Britney Spears and Pink in a Pepsi TV ad only shown in the UK and Brazil. Producer of this version was Brian May. The scenario was the Collosseum in ancient Rome; Pink, Beyoncé and Britney were female gladiators who defeated the emperor - played by Enrique Iglesias - by singing "We Will Rock You" together with the audience.

"We Will Rock You" is the first track on the compilation album VH1 Rocks.

Brian May:

We Will Rock You
That was a response to a particular phase in our career when the audience was almost becoming a bigger part of the show than we were. They would sing all the songs. In a place like Birmingham, they'd be so vociferous that we'd have to stop the show and let them sing to us. So both Freddie and I thought it would be an interesting experiment to write songs with audience participation specifically in mind. My feeling was that everyone can stamp and clap and sing a simple motif. We did that record at Wessex, which is an old converted church that has a naturally good sound to it. There are no drums on there. It's just us, stamping on boards many times with many primitive delay machines and clapping. A bit of singing, a bit of guitar playing and that's it... At concerts, I discovered, people tend to do three claps rather than two stamps and a clap. The amazing thing is to go to football matches, or sports events in general, and hear people do it. It's very gratifying to find that it has become part of folklore, sort of. I'll die happy because of that.

* The flip side of the 45 of this song's original vinyl record release contains "We Are The Champions", which is why the songs are often paired on the radio and in sports.
* The song was ranked #330 on Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.
* Ranked #146 on the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) list of Songs of the Century
* One of the more inventive, if whimsical, applications of "We Will Rock You" comes in the film A Knight's Tale (2001). Featured as the soundtrack of the opening sequence of this 21st century Chaucerian tale, medieval English peasants are seen stomping and clapping in the bleachers of a jousting match. This film relies heavily upon 1970s rock classics, especially to indulge in its favorite delight of anachronistic play between modern and medieval times.
* Chicago White Sox organist Nancy Faust includes it in her playlist, and the fans put a twist on the chant: "We will, we will, SOX YOU!"
* The Detroit Pistons used the song as their theme during the Bad Boys era of the late 1980s and early 1990s. The current Pistons also play it at their home games, especially since their city gained popularity through the film Detroit Rock City.
* This song was used as the official song of soccer game Winning Eleven 5
* The original lyrics to the song were "We Will Beat You", but were changed when Freddie Mercury said it "sounded stupid".
* In an episode of Cheers, bar patrons spontaneously stomped floorboards and broke out with the song.
* Some people had thought a part of the lyrics, "Somebody better put you back into your place." was, "Somebody better put a bag onto your face."
* In an episode of Friends, Ross Geller recorded the audio message of the answering machine using this song, but changing the lyrics to "We will, we will, call you back".
* In an episode of Full House, while Rebecca Donaldson was in labour and doing her breathing exercises, Danny Tanner (who was with her) began sing "We Will, we will, rock you" to the beat of her breathing.
* Blondie's song Good Boys contains lyrics that are a modified quote from "We Will Rock You" sung in a rap style reminiscent of the original.
* This song was used as the promotional song for The Flinstones in Viva Rock Vegas movie.
* In a Taco Bell commercial with a crunchy taco, three men bang their elbows on the table and bite their tacos to the tune of "We Will Rock You", then say, "We will, we will" and a woman says "Stop doing that!" Later, they say, "You've got cheese on your face, you big disgrace!"
* In The 10th Kingdom, Virginia comes up with an alternate version of this song, "We Will Sheer You," to win a sheep competition.
* In the 1994 movie D2: The Mighty Ducks during a montage of a hockey game the audience cheers "We Will Quack You" as the Mighty Ducks go onto victory. This is followed several minutes later in the credits with the Ducks singing "We Are the Champions" around a campfire.

* In 1991, Rick Rubin did some remixes of "We Will Rock You", released by Hollywood Records. The "Ruined Remix" also contains contributions by Flea and Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
* Los Angeles-based hair metal band Warrant covered the song for the 1992 film Gladiator.
* A cover version of the song was played in the video game Dance Dance Revolution Extreme and was sung by Houseboyz.
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