Eiken is also the name of a Japanese animation studio known for such works as Sazae-san, Gigantor, 8th Man, and Glass Mask.

Eiken is a heavily fanservice-themed manga and anime series created by Seiji Matsuyama. The story depicts the life of schoolboy Densuke Mifune after he is forced into the mysterious Eiken Club, which is populated only by females, several of which have enormous breasts.

The manga series ran for eighteen volumes, and additionally included a series guidebook. A number of radio drama episodes and two OVAs (the latter roughly based on a volume 3 storyline) have been produced.

The first six manga volumes have been released in North America, and any additional volumes do not yet have a release date.

The OVA currently airs on Encore Action.

* Voiced by: Miwa Oshiro (Japanese), Becky Chiang (English)

The red headed Chiharu is considered one of the most attractive girls at Zashono Academy. Her bustline initially measures at 88cm (F-cup) and progresses throughout the series to beyond 100cm. She's shy around boys, because she came from an all-girls school. Densuke tripped on a banana peel and landed hands-first on Chiharu's chest the first time they met. Kirika later finds out that her fondness for Densuke stems from this encounter, as he was the first boy to manage to touch her huge bust. Like Densuke, she's a recent member of the mysterious Eiken Club and always finds Densuke falling onto her bosom or stumbling upon her while she's undressing one way or another (accidentally, or one of Kirika's own brand of practical jokes), yet she doesn't seem to hold anything against him for it, and also has feelings for him. Because of the enormous size of her breasts, they are very sensitive, and when they are forcefully touched or squeezed Chiharu appears to be overcome by the sensation. Due to the sheer size of her breasts, she is occasionally forced to wear bras several sizes too small for her, which sometimes leads to her breasts popping out of them. Poor Chiharu's sensitive breasts have been violently groped by Densuke, Kirika, Yuriko, and even her own mother. Despite the awkward predicaments they find themselves in, she reveals she's at her happiest when Densuke is sandwiched between her massive mammaries.

* Voiced by: Akeno Watanabe (Japanese), Bryce Papenbrook (English)

A plain boy no one seems to notice, Densuke was forced into the Eiken Club after an accidental run-in with Chiharu, whom he develops a crush on. He eventually accepts his place in the club, despite being tormented by Kirika and the other mishaps that befall him. Densuke is frequently forced to cross-dress by Kirika, a hobby of hers.

* Voiced by: Masumi Asano (Japanese), Cindy Robinson (English)

Not much is known about Kirika, except she runs the Eiken Club, and has a 99cm (G-cup) bust. She likes putting Densuke in awkward situations for her amusement and loves eating, especially anything banana or sausage shaped (which is not-so subtle phallic symbolism). In many cases, it's revealed she doesn't wear panties, such as in Volume 2 of the manga where she bumps Densuke's face with her rear. Unlike Chiharu, she has a fondness for "squashing" Densuke inside her cleavage and happily does so often.

* Voiced by: Marina Ono (Japanese), Rebecca Forstadt (English)

The youngest member (6th grader) of the Eiken Club (aside from Kuma), but also the most well-endowed, with an 111cm bustline. Komoe is very clumsy, but always striving to do her best. Her clumsy mistakes often leave her exposed, and has a habit of falling with her large breasts onto Densuke.

* Voiced by: Touko Itou (Japanese), Mona Marshall (English)

Grace is a British girl who was born and grew up in China. She comes from a fortune-tellers' family and her father is a successful world-class enterpriser, also she is also very good at acrobatics. She seems to have a bit of feeling for Densuke as in the original manga, her words with Densuke in the speech bubbles are often ended with love-hearts. She has a 77cm (A-cup) bust.

* Voiced by: Mai Kadowaki (Japanese), Rebecca Forstadt (English)

She runs the science division of the Eiken Club, and would seem to be the second-in-command of the club. Despite her age, she looks a lot younger than she really is. She has a 55cm bust.

* Voiced by: Emi Yabusaki (Japanese), Jessica Gee (English)

Chiharu's energetic sister, Yuriko likes trying to get Densuke's attention. She also likes fondling her sister's breasts to tease her because of her own lack of giant breasts, as she only has a 73cm (A-cup) bust. Densuke finds out later in the manga that her "weakness" is her butt, which is often focused on in the anime where she repeatedly jumps onto Densuke's face butt-first.

* Voiced by: Chiemi Ishimatsu (Japanese), Mari Devon (English)

A teacher from Zashono Academy, she often laments the fact she always seems to go unnoticed by her students and peers, not to mention the fact that they never seem to remember her name. She has an 85cm (C-cup) bust. Her running gimmick is that Chiharu always stumbles upon her and Densuke in compromising positions, each time requiring Densuke to spend more time allaying her fears (from a week to a hundred days).

Kuma is a very shy young girl, who wears a giant bear suit most the time. Only Densuke has seen her outside of the suit where he repeatedly falls face-first into her butt. Not much else is known about her except that she has an older sister, who also wears a similar suit.

* Voiced by: Jun Shikano

Chiharu's cousin, who also has a crush on Densuke. Her timetable always seem to be occupied by countless of part-time jobs. Densuke eventually finds out that she is secretly funding detectives who promised to find her long-lost father who left almost without a word after the divorce (due to the bankruptcy of his factory). She has an 84cm (C-cup) bust.

She is head of Zashono Academy's Committee of Student Accountants. She had mysteriously returned to the academy over a two year span with an immediate action of carrying out her own budget plan: to forcefully cancel all the activities of ALL the clubs in the academy, despite all the dirty tricks she has in mind. When the Eiken Club was in grave danger (Chiharu had been forced to fill a resigning form, and the club building destroyed), it was Kirika's turn to save the day by stating the TRUE reason where exactly had the money for running the clubs had gone and why would Cho pay so much attention on the crushing of the Eiken Club. In fact, Cho had also been slightly infatuated with Densuke, unnoticed by herself.

The ex-head of the Supernatural Club in Zashono Academy, a slim and weedy girl whose body is dotted with bandages (They cover the countless bruises and wounds caused by falling due to fainting resulted by her anemia). She and Densuke first met when she bumped into him and got accidentally groped. Under the threat of the abolishment of her club, she is used by Cho as a bait in order to lure Densuke into quitting the Eiken Club, but is soon defeated by his kind heart and gentleness, and she asked for the abolishment of her club herself. She soon becomes a member of the Eiken Club, and after another accident with Densuke, becomes the new leader of Eiken.

The mother of the Shinonome family, and also possessor of the largest bust size, measuring at 123.5cm (K-cup); She says they were similar size to Chiharu's when she was her age. She once met Densuke randomly on the street and brought him home. Keiko was wearing a very revealing swimsuit at the time, making for an awkawrd and intimate first encounter. Chiharu was surprised to see Densuke at her house, much less with her half-naked mother's breasts wrapped around him. Keiko also trapped Densuke between her breasts when he was needed to save Chiharu from the CEO.Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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