Dog the Bounty Hunter

Dog the Bounty Hunter is a reality television show, chronicling Duane "Dog" Chapman's operations at his job, Da Kine Bail Bonds in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dog is joined in his exploits by his wife and business partner, Beth Smith Chapman, his sons Leland, Duane Lee, brother Tim Chapman, his daughter Lyssa Chapman, as well as his friend Jessica Harsh. His nephew Justin Bihag also appeared during the first season. As revealed in an episode of "Dog, the Bounty Hunter," Duane also had a daughter named Barbara, who was killed in a car accident the day before Duane and Beth married. Besides Hawaii, newer episodes have included cases in Dog Chapman's home state of Colorado and the city of San Francisco. Most episodes have been filmed in the city of Honolulu. He claims to have captured over 6,000 bail jumpers and criminals.

The show is aired on A&E Networks in USA and on Bravo in the UK.

While the program mostly follows Chapman and his team's pursuits against actual criminals who violated the conditions of their bail, it also shows his life as a husband, as a father to some of his twelve children, and as an ex-convict. Chapman and Smith were married on May 20, 2006. Dog's compassionate side is frequently on display, as he looks for ways to coach his catches back to the right path.

The program spun off from their appearance in the show A&E Network's Take This Job, a program about people with unusual occupations. Both shows are produced for A&E by Hybrid Films, a New York-based production company.

Their bail bond business, Da Kine Bail Bonds, has locations on the islands of Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island. The Oahu office is located at 1383 Queen Emma St. in Honolulu.

At approximately 6:00 am Hawaiian time on September 14, 2006, Duane Chapman, his son Leland and his associate Tim Chapman were arrested by US Marshals at the request of the Mexican government, on charges of bounty hunting, which is illegal in Mexico. On June 18, 2003, the Chapman trio captured convicted fugitive rapist Andrew Luster (heir to Max Factor cosmetics) who was wanted on 87 counts of rape. He had fled to Mexico. Duane, Leland and Tim have since been released on bail ($300,000 for Duane and $100,000 each for the other two).

On February 16, 2007, the second district court in Guadalajara denied a request for an injunction preventing extradition. The court ruled that Duane, Leland, and Tim should face trial on one count of "deprivation of liberty" in violation of the country's anti-bounty-hunting statutes. The Chapmans are looking into their legal options to prevent this.

Mexico is currently reviewing Dog's case to see if they do have grounds to extradite him on a misdemeanor. There have been multiple legal defense fund raising accounts set up for Duane, Leland, and Tim including one set up by Tanja "Doe," a victim of Andrew Luster.

August 2, 2007: Earlier this week the First Criminal Court in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico dismissed all criminal charges pending against Dog, Tim and Leland Chapman on the grounds that the statute of limitations had expired. The order effectively cancelled all pending charges. The ruling is, however, subject to appeal by the prosecution. If an appeal is sought, it must be filed in Puerto Vallarta by Wednesday, August 8th.

Duane Chapman's book "You Can Run but You Can't Hide: The Life and Times of Dog the Bounty Hunter" was to be set for a February 2007 release, but after his arrest, and extradition case, his book will now be released on August 7, 2007.

Dog and his crew were parodied in the tenth season South Park episode "Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy." Cartman portrayed Dog, but was a hall monitor rather than a bounty hunter. In this episode, Cartman would chase around students accusing them of being ice heads and attacking them with bear mace, which is the weapon of choice for Dog and the rest of his crew.

Dog was parodied in American Dad! episode "Joint Custody" when Roger dresses up as Dog, when he was trying hunt down Jeff Fischer.

Dog appeared as himself in the season two finale "The Trial" of the NBC show My Name Is Earl capturing Joy Darville in Mexico.

Dog, appeared with his wife Beth on the one hour special of Criss Angel: Mindfreak. Dog tied Criss up to a chair and lowered him into a pool of water. After 4 minutes, Criss loosened himself and stood up. He did not completely remove the ropes.

Dog and Criss are longtime friends.

It was shown on the August 3rd, 2007 episode of CNN's Larry King Live featuring Dog and Beth that Dog was originally a vacuum salesman prior to becoming a bounty hunter. This episode also featured footage of Dog repairing a vacuum and claiming that "back when he sold Kirby's" he enjoyed "fixing these machines and hearing the vacuum clean up."Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, with no Front-Cover Texts, and with no Back-Cover Texts.
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